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Reworking the SSM Root Definition & Final Conceptual Models

Hello Systems Thinkers,

This is a fairly short post, just to wrap up on the SSM work. We finished with it quite a while back and have been busy exploring a variety of systems ideas and concepts, and in particular, have been dipping our toe into cybernetics and the Viable System Model. It’s good stuff.

For the moment though, I just wanted to write a note to complete the work on our SSM models. If you recall, the last post I wrote on SSM was a summary of the conceptual model building we’d been doing. Here’s the post:


Building the models was very much a learning process. We learned about building models, but also about the thing we were studying and thinking about, the canteen. The process helped us to reframe our thinking and understanding and we gained a number of insights into functions that would be required to run the canteen along the way. This was helped, by us showing the work we had done to the canteen management team, who pointed out areas where our thinking was incomplete. They also found the experience helpful and highlighted several areas to them they had not considered.