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Free templates for the Viable System Model

Preamble :

By downloading the files offered here, you agree to the following terms of use.

Allowed: Private retransmission via e-mail or in non-public platforms (eg private link via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). Furthermore, the commercial use and modification is expressly permitted.

Not allowed: to offer these files for public download or to upload in public download platforms.

Otherwise, the files are subject to the CC 00 Universal License .

Extract Get your own impression with this excerpt.

Download PDF, 1.6 MB

Powerpoint template from the Viable System Model

New revision of a PowerPoint file, well suited for use in workshops (as a “canvas”). Here, too, I would be very happy about a mention as the source of this file.

Download, 50 kB

OK environmental model

PDF file of the iO environmental model. This model is intended to serve as a playing field for management and to facilitate the exploration of the environment. Further information on the use of the model can be found in this blog post.

Download, 60 kB

Freely copyable Prezi

A Prezi version of the VSM. This illustration does not contain all the details and is intended more for connoisseurs of the model:

Link to the Prezi animation

graphics Screenshot 2016-01-22 at 21.29.00

A ZIP with all self-made graphics of the eBook in screen resolution. If used in a business context, I would be pleased to be named as a source:

Download, about 3.6 MB

flashcards anki

An Anki Deck with which I learned the VSM. It contains 64 questions and answers in English and also some graphics. Very suitable for “learning on the go”.

Download, about 1.4 MB

Other Viable System Model templates Viable System Model Template PPT

Generic templates that can easily be further processed in a graphics or presentation program. Formats: PDF, PNG, SVG, OmniGraffle, VDX. Here, too, I would be very happy about a mention as the source of this file.

Download, 0.5 MB

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