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John Raven and I would like to propose a topic for discussion – this is my paraphrasing of it, he may have a different version. Based on a conversation we’ve had about the very interesting Vaclav Havel piece, )https://tavaana.org/sites/default/files/The%20Power%20of%20the%20Powerless.pdf), the subject would be:

Power and powerlessness

Power and powerlessness, seeming so explicit in totalitarianism, nevertheless seem to manifest in somewhat the same ways in our own society. Whether cloaked by ‘ideology’ or something more subtle, we doubtless play an active role in our own powerlessness while the active-ness of power is exerted in a thousand subtle and systemic ways. Our question: how can we use systems approaches to understand the way in which we actively create our own powerlessness?

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