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Thomas Myers uses Buckminster Fullers Tensegrity to describe the human bodies structure. He suggests the Newtonian ‘stacking’ ideas of the skeleton is wrong and uses a much more systemic model. Systems applied to the human body.

This leads to some interesting work, and explains pain in the body in a new way.


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    This is fascinating and, of course, obvious. Poor old Newton though, eh? Isn’t it funny how he became the rhetorical byword for the older, second class, more didactic and weaker paradigm - the perfect paper tiger ;-)

    The anatomy trails videos posted somewhere on model.report do relate to this, as does the recent work done on the importance of the fascia - here are a couple of bits from Bowen Technique folks: http://bowentechnique.eu/bowen/fascia.htm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uf5PNRFUAnQ