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Core Functions Index for the video.

Detailed index of Functionality list for Gene’s video

00:40 Intro to Model Report

00:50 Where people post links to content that others might find interesting.

01:40 Multithreaded responses

02:00 By Invitation only environment

02:20 The About link bottom right hand corner of the page

02:40 When you join - Set up your member data Settings

  • 02:45 Setting up your account with email reports

  • 02:55 Inviting others to model.report N.B. Scroll down to bottom.

03:10 List of users and who invited who

03:30 Submit a Story

05:00 Most Recent Stories Newest Content

05:30 Searches

05:50 Messages to other members

6:30 Get Invited to model.report if you don’t yet know anybody here - it will get added to a list.

07:40 Enabling a Better Tomorrow - Systems Learning Environment