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Linked Data Modelling Tutorial

Getting Started

This example-driven tutorial introduces the linked data modelling and API publishing tools of the Metreeca model-driven linked data platform. Basic familiarity with linked data concepts and REST APIs is required.

To get started open https://demo.metreeca.com/workspace/ with a supported web browser and activate your demo workspace by agreeing to the terms of service and the privacy policy.

Demo workspaces are not secured: don’t upload personal or otherwise sensitive data.

Demo workspaces are transient: don’t expect edits to outlast browser sessions.

The demo workspace will be pre-populated with a semantic version of the BIRT sample dataset, cross-linked to GeoNames entities for cities and countries. The BIRT sample is a typical business database, containing tables such as offices, customers, products, orders, order lines, … for Classic Models, a fictional world-wide retailer of scale toy models.

Before learning how to expose selected resources and collections from your workspace as read/write linked data REST APIs, you may want to familiarize yourself with the dataset contents following through the search and analysis tutorial.