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PAPod 15 - Sidney Dekker

April 25 2015, Podbean

“Why don’t you spend 45 minutes or so taking part in a conversation with Sidney Dekker as he wonders through his background and interests in understanding Safety Differently. He stops and ponders the idea of "Just Cultures” in a way that I think you will find very interesting and for some of us, a bit challenging. Sidney talks openly and honestly about the New View of safety, and his conversation is for people just like us: The folks who are doing this work. You can tell that we are all on this journey together. I know you will find this podcast interesting and important. I also know that you will learn some new little ideas that will help you on your journey as well. Mostly, it is a chance to get to know Sidney Dekker a bit more. Enjoy this podcast…there will be more."

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