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There has been a great response to the ‘deep six’ question last week with many welcome testimonials to the value people are getting from content on the site.

Some of those who responded had not ever posted anything on the site before. Thanks to each of you.

What became clear to me is that there is not a consistent understanding of what the site is and does, or of what members can do, e.g. some thinking it only existed as an email service.

So there seems plenty of scope to improve the site, the services to the members, the clarity about the offer and invitation to members to contribute into an ever wider pool of knowledge and interaction.

@Scottfr has already fixed the search function, added clarity to the email invitations, amongst other things over the weekend. Thanks to you for stepping up so swiftly for these fixes and improvements.

There might also be some useful double loop learning (@mikehaber) about what are our intentions and purposes, what do we want to see, and how best to get there. A learning journey.

Personally, I regard creating shared online resources as one of the most important and yet challenging tasks presently in the world. If we really want to change things for the better, I think our focus needs to include learning and making space to be open to the knowledge and understanding of others, and to creating the fora for this to take place. That is the potential I see in model.report.

I invite people who both want to improve the site and to increase their own understanding and actions about the methods of effective change to let me know here by commenting on this thread.

I will then invite you to join a very established free online Action Research course, with a goal of enhancing our knowledge and understand about processes that can help move model.report forward and can also be applied into other areas of our lives too.

There are a number of us already signed up to the course including @ryoung, @antlerboy-benjamintaylor and @tomhitchman so there is a growing skillset with members already. And I am sure there are existing skills here too amongst our members.

Simply put, Action Research is about acting in the world to create change, using tools to critically reflect on what has happened, increasing our understanding of the situation, and then directing that knowledge into planning our next action towards our goals and intentions. It is done in cycles where improvement towards the goals and the process of getting there can both be made in each cycle.

There is an overview on this recent post Action Research a Thumbnail Sketch

Am looking forward to your responses!




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    Count me in.

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      Sounds like a great opportunity. Count me in :-0

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        Count me in too…alex