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Model Report got itself a Twitter account @ModelReport.

Any story with 3 or more positive votes will be automatically Tweeted from that account.


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      Only posts with 3 or more upvotes.

      The Model Report tweet bot is selective.

      On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 6:55 PM, systemswiki systemswiki@model.report wrote:

      Does this mean each new post to Model.Report also gets pushed to Twitter?

      Vote: https://model.report/s/u9q5ls/_/comments/pidfhn#c_pidfhn

      – Modify your email notifications: https://model.report/settings

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      Interesting development!

      As far as I can see the Story title in model.report can at maximum be 90 characters.

      So in a twitter age then we might be missing opportunity for greater reach or clarity 140 characters max

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        We also include the links to the story and the original URL’s. We also include hashtags. So all those extra characters get used up quickly.

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        Some questions arising from the twitter functionality

        • Do we need a general landing page?

          • What are the reasons people would choose to join?
          • If so what routes to membership are there?
        • Do we want a specific landing page for people who follow the source of tweets from model.report?

          • If so how can they join a trajectory which would allow them membership etc?
          • What can prevent potential abuses and be manageable for moderators?

        @scottfr @mikehaber @ryoung Each action can bring about so many more choices and perhaps necessary actions?!

        @scottfr I think when people are ‘mentioned’ with @theirusername then the url of the posting or comment is not a live link in the notification email. It could be much more efficient and produce more responses if it was a clickable link rather having to copy and paste.

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          These are all nice to have, but not really something I have time for.

          In Gmail, the mention URL is a clickable link. We always send emails as plain text so it’s up to your email program to decide what to convert into a link.