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Hey all

Somehow I’m very drawn (you might have noticed) to model.report and to building an ever-growing compendium of systems thinking links. However, there are such huge gaps, and as previously noted, it isn’t really working as a discussion forum.

So I’m seeking to open a conversation about what might happen next.

This started from me thinking where the big gaps are. I wanted to do a compendium posting on pattern languages and card decks (there are many and they seem to connect), but I don’t have the time and energy. We also seem to be lacking much on systems engineering, ironically enough on modelling… especially agent-based?, on complexity theory etc…

Should we try to focus as a group on one area and see what we build? Should we slowly abandon model.report? (Has everyone already, partly because I post so much?) Should we repurpose?

This isn’t a Gene-style permanent revolution*, just thinking it’s about time we discussed again :-)

cheers Benjamin

*not that that was a bad thing, I just found it a tad discombobulating!


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    Do not worry. You will always have the feeling that you lack more knowledge. Knowledge (and thus models) is available and, indeed, could be more accessible and open to discussion. I hope we, as a group, do not lack action. In action also something different than what you know always will show up. It is not because we are not posting on model.report that we do not take action. Action is a necessary condition for knowledge.