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The Paradox of Leadership with Nora Bateson

October 25, 2017, from 10:00 to 17:30 at Essen, Germany

“What is leadership in this moment? When we look through the lens of interdependency, it is impossible to separate individuals from their contexts of influence and experience. This blurs the ‘hero’s story.’ Dramatic societal transformation is taking place around the globe, and the urge to help steer this transformation toward a healthier future is strong. How do current ideas of leadership both confirm and conflict with our desire to create positive change? Systemic leadership is a process of intellectual stretching, emotional complexity, and linguistic renovation. Leadership is an evolving process and, as such, our understanding of what leadership is must evolve in accordance. In the past the world understood leadership as the great deeds of heroes, but now we are in another phase of global transition that requires an understanding of leadership based on our understanding of interdependency. This is where the paradox comes in.”