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Jytte Brender McNair has an R&D background with a M.Sc. in biochemistry, a M.Sc. in computer science and a European Doctorate & PhD in Medical Informatics. Her expertise covers the breadth of organisational change and evolution, over the theoretical aspects of the quality of semantic aspects of medical knowledge, and even further to modelling of the architectural logic of organisations. While she is a computer scientist at the anthropocentric end of the scale, all things human-centred interest her as does the multifaceted realm of asymmetric abstraction. In August 2011, she took early retirement to become emeritus at her university in order to focus on applications of the Mereon Matrix as a template for modelling information. Her interest in this respect is about information modelling to help understand the internal workings of systems as systems, both social and biological. The efforts published in “The Mereon Matrix” by Dennis et al. 2013 on modelling human molecular genetics include the macro-level and the first micro-level of the Mereon Matrix’s 7 functions. With this effort, we succeeded to the point where we concluded that using the Mereon Matrix as a template information model was feasible, even for an extremely complex knowledge domain such as human molecular genetics. Presently, the modelling of human molecular genetic is elaborated to include another fractal level. It is already at this point in time obvious that the Mereon Matrix may contribute significantly to the General Systems Theory called for by a.o. von Bertalanffy in the 1960’ies. From the specificity of molecular genetics, we are working to articulate a generalisation of the ‘principles’, mechanisms’ and ‘emergent properties’ that is applicable to other kinds of systems.